ePMP Force 4600c Wideband 6 GHz CPE 600 mm Dish Antenna

This CPE antenna’s RP-SMA pigtail connectors are compatible with most unlicensed WISP radios like Ubiquiti, Cambium, Mimosa, and MikroTik and easily convert to N connectors for Radwin and Ligowave.

Covering 4.9 to 7.2 GHz CPE antenna is ready for future Wi-Fi 6e and 7 MLO 6 GHz radios. It offers excellent RF performance with 30 dBi gain, 6° beamwidth, VSWR ≤ 1.8, return loss ≤ 10.9 dB, a front/back ratio of 40 dB, and isolation ≥ 35 dB, ensures WISP FWA subscribers will receive faster speeds and reliable service for years to come.

The WB6-CPE-600 wideband CPE antenna is a game-changer for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Designed to unlock new potentials, this antenna is not just an addition to your network—it's a key to new opportunities to install new subscribers and enhance overall subscriber satisfaction.

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Faster speeds and more reliable connections for WISP subscribers

Lightweight aluminum build for easy installation

Wideband 4.9-7.2 GHz, ready for Wi-Fi 6e 6 GHz today and tomorrow’s Wi-Fi 7 with MLO

Compatible with Ubiquiti, Cambium, Mimosa, MikroTik, Radwin, and Ligowave CPE radios

Excellent RF performance: 30 dBi gain, 6° beamwidth, low VSWR & high isolation

cpe 600 specification chart

Polar Radiation Plot Vertical

Polar Radiation Plot Horizontal

Rectangular Radiation Plot Vertical

Rectangular Radiation Plot Horizontal

Antenna Size

600mm (2 ft)

3dB Beamwidth

Frequency Range

4900 to 7200 MHz


≤ 1.6

Gain (High)

30 dBi

Return Loss

≤ 12.7 dB

Gain (Mid)

29 dBi

Front/back ratio

40 dB

Gain (Low)

27.8 dBi


≥ 35 dB

Why Choose IsoHorns CPE?

IsoHorns wideband CPE antenna is more than just hardware. It's a strategic investment for WISPs looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.

The WB6-CPE-600 stands out with its very high-performance, ensuring that your network isn't just meeting current demands but is prepared for the future.

By enhancing your service quality, expanding your reach, and providing the tools to offer premium services, this antenna unlocks new growth and builds lasting customer satisfaction.


Frequency Range

Operates across a broad spectrum of 4.9 to 7.2 GHz


High Gain

With 30 dBi gain, it ensures long-distance links are more reliable than ever



RP-SMA, male pigtails are everything to connect to most Ubiquity, Cambium, Mimosa, and MikroTik radios



Wide frequency range to Wi-Fi 6e and Wi-Fi 7 MLO systems



Engineered from lightweight yet durable aluminium for optimal performance

Benefits for WISPs

cpe benifits wisp img

Increased Access Point Capacity

Scale your customer base per access point without sacrificing quality

Noise Reduction

Utilize 6 GHz frequencies to sidestep crowded channels and reduce interference

Reach Unserviceable Addresses

Install customers in locations previously deemed unreachable

Improved Subscriber Satisfaction

With better performance comes happier customers

Premium Service Plans

Offer higher-tier plans thanks to higher speeds and improved modulation rates


Ready to Elevate Your Network?

Transform your network's capabilities and offer unparalleled service to your
customers with the WB6-CPE-600. Contact us today for more information and take
the first step towards a more connected future.

Wireless Video Surveillance Camera Systems

The IsoHorns Wideband CPE Antenna, WB6-CPE-600, redefines the landscape for enterprise and government video surveillance systems employing wireless links. Designed to meet the unique demands of these critical applications, this antenna offers a suite of features tailored to enhance security, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Increased Access Point Capacity

With its very high-performance design, the WB6-CPE-600 ensures exceptional signal strength and stability, extending surveillance coverage to even the most remote and challenging locations. Whether monitoring large facilities, urban areas, or expansive outdoor spaces, this antenna delivers reliable connectivity for uninterrupted surveillance feeds.

Robust Security

Security is paramount in video surveillance systems, and the WB6-CPE-600 is engineered to provide a secure and resilient communication link. Built-in encryption protocols and advanced security features safeguard video data transmission against unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure

The WB6-CPE-600 seamlessly integrates into existing enterprise and government networks, offering compatibility with a wide range of surveillance equipment and protocols. Its plug-and-play installation process minimizes deployment time and disruption, allowing for quick and hassle-free implementation without compromising on performance.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

As surveillance needs evolve and expand, the WB6-CPE-600 is equipped to scale alongside growing demands. Its future-proof design and wideband capability support evolving video surveillance technologies, ensuring long-term compatibility and investment protection for enterprises and government agencies.

Reliability in Mission-Critical Environments

Mission-critical applications demand unwavering reliability, and the WB6-CPE-600 delivers. Engineered for durability and resilience, this antenna operates flawlessly in harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, inclement weather, and high-traffic areas, ensuring continuous surveillance operation when it matters most.

Cost-Effective Solution

By eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades and complex cabling installations, the WB6-CPE-600 offers a cost-effective alternative for deploying wireless video surveillance systems. Its low maintenance requirements and long-term reliability translate into significant cost savings over the lifespan of the system.

Extending Campus and Metro Fixed Wireless Networks

The antenna is highly effective in extending wireless connectivity. The WB6-CPE-600 connects remote access points back to the core network, an essential feature for sprawling metro networks or campuses. This wireless backhaul capability is particularly advantageous where laying physical cables is impractical or too costly. It ensures continuous and reliable data transmission, essential for maintaining network performance. Moreover, this setup can significantly reduce installation time and costs associated with traditional cabling methods.


Expanded Coverage

The WB6-CPE-600 extends the coverage of Wi-Fi networks by providing cost effective reliable wireless backhaul connections between access points in metro stations or across large campus areas.


Seamless Connectivity

With its high-performance design, the antenna ensures seamless connectivity between backhaul links, enabling efficient data transmission and minimizing latency for network users.


High-Capacity Data Transfer

Designed to support high-capacity data transfer, the antenna facilitates the transmission of large volumes of data between network nodes, accommodating the bandwidth requirements of metro and campus Wi-Fi networks.



As metro and campus networks grow, the WB6-CPE-600 scales easily to meet increasing demand, allowing for the addition of more access points and the expansion of network coverage without compromising performance.


Reliability in Challenging Environments

The antenna's robust construction and weatherproof design ensure reliable operation in challenging outdoor environments, making it suitable for deployment in metro stations and across expansive campus grounds.


Cost-Effective Deployment

The WB6-CPE-600 offers a cost-effective solution for deploying wireless backhaul links in metro and campus Wi-Fi networks, minimizing the need for expensive cabling infrastructure and reducing installation time and costs.


Unlicensed Point-to-Point (P2P/PtP) Links:

The WB6-CPE-600 antenna excels in creating point-to-point (P2P) links, especially useful in connecting buildings or facilities across a large campus. This setup is ideal for establishing dedicated high-speed links for data transfer, essential for organizations that require rapid and secure exchange of information. The antenna's wideband capabilities ensure a robust connection even over long distances, making it a reliable choice for network expansions or linking separate networks within a campus. Additionally, P2P links with the WB6-CPE-600 can reduce reliance on external network providers, leading to enhanced security and reduced operational costs.

Unlicensed Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP/PtMP) Links:

In point-to-multipoint configurations, the WB6-CPE-600 can connect multiple access points to a central hub. This application is particularly beneficial for metro stations or large educational campuses where there is a need to distribute network traffic efficiently. By using multiple antennas, network administrators can ensure that each access point receives a strong and stable signal, facilitating seamless internet access across the area. This setup also simplifies network management and maintenance, as it centralizes the control of network connections, making it easier to monitor, upgrade, and troubleshoot the network.

Wireless Mesh Backhaul:

In mesh networking scenarios, the WB6-CPE-600 serves as a robust backbone link, interconnecting various mesh nodes. This is crucial in environments like metro stations or campuses where network coverage needs to be extensive and uninterrupted. The antenna's ability to provide high-bandwidth connections ensures that each node in the mesh network can communicate effectively, enhancing overall network resilience and reducing dead zones. Additionally, in a mesh network, the WB6-CPE-600 allows for automatic re-routing of data in case a node fails, ensuring continuous network availability


Surveillance System Connectivity

The WB6-CPE-600 is highly suitable for connecting video surveillance systems in metro stations or on campus. Its high-speed connectivity is essential for transmitting high-definition video feeds to centralized monitoring stations without significant latency. This capability is critical for real-time security monitoring and emergency response. The antenna's robust performance ensures that video surveillance systems remain operational and effective, even in high-density areas where network traffic is intense.

Event Connectivity

For events or large gatherings, the WB6-CPE-600 can be instrumental in setting up temporary Wi-Fi networks. These networks are crucial for accommodating the surge in connectivity demands from attendees, whether for social media use, streaming, or communication. The antenna's ease of deployment and scalability makes it an ideal choice for providing temporary network infrastructure that is both reliable and capable of handling high data throughput.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Deploying the WB6-CPE-600 in strategic locations can greatly enhance the coverage and quality of public Wi-Fi hotspots in metro stations or across campus areas. This is particularly important in providing consistent internet access to a large number of users, including commuters, students, and visitors. The antenna's wideband capability ensures that the network can handle high traffic volumes, maintaining high-speed internet access even during peak times.

Emergency Communication

In emergency situations, the WB6-CPE-600 plays a vital role in maintaining communication channels. It can serve as a resilient and rapid-deployable link for transmitting critical information and coordinating response efforts among emergency responders. The antenna's reliability in various environmental conditions ensures that communication remains uninterrupted, which is crucial during emergency response operations.

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